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99 Card Game Playing Cards

99 Card Game Playing Cards

99 Card Game Deck of Playing Cards

Fast, Easy Fun Adding Card Game For All Ages (Ninety Nine Card Game99 Card Game)

Ninety-Nine card game is a fast-paced adding card game for families and friends looking for a bit of spirited competition. 99 Card Game.

This party card game of elimination bridges generations. It’s perfect for the holidays, parties, vacations, and everyday get-togethers.

An adding card game for 2-10 players age 7+ with the object of the game being to get to a point where the next player cannot make a play without going over 99. This is a card game of elimination – where the last man standing wins.

99 Card Game Deck of Playing Cards

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Ninety-Nine Instructions

(Click HERE for 99 Card Game Printable Instructions)

For ages: 7+

Contents: 88 cards as follows: 1-10 (6 cards each); 99, -10, Pass, Reverse (7 cards each).

Number of players: 2-10. If playing with more than ten people, split into two groups and use two decks. Winners from each group meet in a final round.

Object of game: To get to a point where the next player cannot make a play without going over 99.

This is a game of elimination – where the last man standing wins.

Getting started:  Dealer distributes three cards to each player, including him or herself, one at a time face down. The next card is placed face up in the center of the table, with the remainder of the deck next to it face down. This is the draw pile.

Play:  When the dealer turns the first card up, he announces the face value of the card. Let’s say it’s a 9. He will say, “Nine,” and play moves to his left. The next player must play a card; she can play any one of her three cards. Say she plays a 5. She will play the card and announce the new total, “Fourteen.” As soon as the play is made, she will draw a card from the draw pile.

Remember:  It is very important to take a card as soon as you play, so you will always have the use of three playing cards. If the next player lays a card, announces the total, and gets his hand on the draw pile before you pick up your card, you will be left with only two cards to select from, a definite disadvantage.

Proceed:  Play continues with each player laying a card, saying the new total aloud, and then taking a draw card. As the total gets closer to 99, it gets more exciting. The following face cards are especially helpful as the total increases. However, you can lay them for any one of your turns. Pass cards move play to the next player. Reverse cards send play in the opposite direction. -10 cards subtract 10 from the total, occasionally you will have a negative number as the total. 99 cards bring the total to 99, regardless of the current total.Ending the round: When the next player cannot make a play without going over the total of 99, he or she loses the round. When a round is over, players return their cards and reshuffle. Players are allowed four round losses before being eliminated from the overall game.

Winner is the last person to avoid elimination.

Making it More Interesting: Play for chips, say three white chips stacked on top of a colored chip. When a player loses, he puts a white chip in the kitty. Once the colored chip is showing, everyone knows it’s his last chance to hang in there. Don’t worry though, many a time the first player on his or her last chance will end up the winner, who then gets to take the kitty.

To the players: This is a great game for a fun get together with adults and/or children. It’s easy to play, and we guarantee you will have fun the very first time you do. We know you’ll be eager to have another get-together real soon.


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Special thanks to Kelly Redling who illustrated and redesigned Ninety-Nine.

© 1993 Kennard D. Gibson